19, Frogn

På nett er man kjent som NachtWulff (og Thìraël.) Man er 19 år. Man har verdens vakreste kjæreste, Wtonne <8 For tiden skriver man en bok. Sjenert. Rar. Ting som fascinerer meg: Androgynitet Audio/Visuelle stimuli Resten har jeg tenkt å meddele på engelsk: I don't socialise with certain types of people for obvious reasons. If I don't like you, you'll know. You will either love my sense of humour, or you won't like me. At all. [edit:] OK then, maybe just a little. If you get my jokes more than 70% of the time, that means something's wrong with you. 'Cause I don't even get my jokes half the time. You won't repel me with words like "faith" and "politics", But I might laugh at you if you're too ignorant. Racism, ignorance (depends on subject), crudeness and other perversions will not be tolerated. I am a sort of neopagan, and I have certain political opinions and other philosofical beliefs. You may ask about them, but I do not answer ignorant questions. Now if you'll excuse me, I have better things to do.